Random thoughts tuesday

Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday and then comes Thursday then it’s FRIDAY. Happy almost friday!

Today, I will be sharing with you some crazy funny and weird stories, my stories.


I work as a waitress at a nursing home. One day at premeal (this is the period before the dinning room opens, the chef tells us what the main entrees of the day are), the main entrees were fried chicken and a salad plate. Sometimes the chefs would give us a taste of the entrees even though it’s against policy. My coworkers really wanted to try the fried chicken but I did not care but me being me blurted out “hey, can you please let them try the fried chicken because apparently they don’t know what fried chicken tastes like…..except me”. I was the only black waitress and my co-workers were caucasians. They did not know whether to laugh or not but they sure didn’t keep a straight face.

Bad Bai

I used to take care of a 102 year old lady and I would make dinner for her sometimes. I opened the fridge one day and saw one of those new generation health drink called Bai. I knew it wasnt her’s but for one the other girls that took care of her overnight. I was working over night that day and when I went to the fridge around 3am, the Bai drink was gone. I looked in the trash, I looked at every part of the fridge but no bai. Did the girl come over to get her drink? Did the lady throw it out? Up till today, I do not know.

Brother’s keeper

This happened when I was in middle school. It was a Friday and I had just gotten down from the school bus and was walking towards my apartment when this girl walked up to me saying “where’s my brother?”. I was so confused and I said “what?” And she said “I thought you knew where my brother was that was why I followed you” then she walked away. I have never been so freaked out like that day. Everytime I remember that day, that moment, I hope that she had found her brother and got home safely.

These are some of my crazy weird and funny stories. Share yours with me in the comment section.


Weekend workers club

And right now as I type, I am at work, not because I want to be here it because I need to be here. Maybe you are too, you know what that means? That’s right. We both get to not enjoy this Saturday *evil laugh*. Welcome to the weekend workers club, take a seat, pray for fat paychecks on your payday and ponder on days you didnt have to work or worry about paying any bill!

I have been working so hard to save money for when i start my nursing classes this summer. I am so happy yet so nervous as I am getting no financial support from anywhere else (but I’m grateful for the other supports I get), except if financial aid decides to dish out money to a broke @&& lady like me or if

I get one or two scholarships. I worry about my finance during the school year and I know I am not alone on this, when it comes to not being ready for any unplanned financial burden.

How do I keep going?

The thought of me fulfilling my dreams of becoming a nurse, the thought of me making a difference in the life of my future patients, the thought of me being able to do what I love and not having to live from paycheck , all of these thoughts keep me going.

My whole point is, quitting is never the solution! Quitting might take all the stress away but you’d be stuck exactly where you are. Sure,you can take a pause, but make sure it doesn’t become a full stop. If you’re exactly in the same situations as I am, let your worries be a reminder to keep working towards that goal, you just have to keep going. You owe yourself that much. C‘est la vie, enjoy the process!

Weekends are overrated anyways.

What??? I’m just trying to make you and I feel better!

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